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1 Demon Point

Depth: 3m to 30+m 
Location: Northwest corner of outer Atoll between Fen Muli and Kottey
Transfer Time:  approx. 55 min's

Large swells and strong currents, particularly on the North-West point. Very nice coral on most of the site. Reef drops down steeply in some places but is mostly a gentle slope down to 30m+. Directly at the corner there is a small plateau with nice corals at a depth of 12 to 15 metres and some sandy patches where you can sometimes find feather-tail stingrays. As the reef slopes down around the point you can see and area of stag-horn and elk-horn coral after which there are some small patches of rubble and broken coral. At 24m there are two large coral heads which are home to a vast number of fish. In the shallow areas there are lots of butterfly fish, damsels, wrasse and surgeonfish. Look out into the blue for the chance of seeing large pelagic.

Features: Massive coral formations, soft corals, sea fans, stag horn and Elkhorn coral.
Marine Life: Reef sharks, green turtles, honeycomb and moray eels, barracuda, batfish, unicorn fish, napoleon wrasse, and eagle rays.

Aquaventure - Maldives

SCUBA-ResortDha'ndumathee Hingun, Maradhoo - Addu - Maldives 
Tom: +960 7774310 (Dhivehi - English)
Marc: +960 7974310 (Dutch - German - English)