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13 Mudakan (Manta Point)

Depth: 5m to 30m
Location: Maa Kandu Channel, East of Bushy.
Transfer Time:  approx. 40 min’s

This dive site is located in the channel and so is subject to strong currents. It’s best to dive with an incoming current starting at the edge of the channel. The beginning of the dive is not very interesting with only a sparse coverage of coral and a mainly rubble bottom, although there is the possibility of spotting reef sharks and eagle rays. Once inside the channel, about half way along the reef, there is a cleaning station for Manta Rays at around 23 metres. This is identifiable by a large, flat coral block which is normally covered with blue and yellow striped snapper. In a strong current you will need to hold onto something to stay in place and watch the rays, although it is not guaranteed that they will be there. Move slowly, control your buoyancy and they may get really close to you, but don't touch them! Watch depth and no decompression time and also keep a close check on your air. The dive ends in the channel so be aware of passing boat traffic and make sure you inflate an SMB before surfacing.

Features: Gentle slope, table corals, plateau.
Marine Life:

Manta rays, snapper, white-tip reef sharks, eagle rays, napoleon wrasse, barracuda, tuna.

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