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18 Molikolhoo Faru

Depth: 5m to 30+m
Location: East side of Villingili channel.
Transfer Time:  approx. 40 min’s

Wall dive. The site used to be known as Manta Place, but there are not many seen here now. After the 1998 El Niño a lot of corals died as a result of bleaching and there is also a lot of damage caused by wave movement. Starting at around 10-15 metres, the top of the reef is flat and covered with small table, brain, leather and fan corals, as well as anemones. The reef drops almost vertically to about 28 metres, and then slopes gently down to a sandy bottom of around 30+ metres. The wall is covered by soft corals and gorgonians, and there are a lot of overhangs, cut-ins and hollows where large grouper, shrimp and lobsters hide. There is a large hollow steel ball on the ocean floor at around 32 metres, which was one of the buoys used for supporting anti-submarine nets across the Villingili channel during WWII.

Features: Overhangs and cut-ins, soft corals, gorgonians,
Marine Life:

Lobsters, grouper, napoleon wrasse, red-tooth trigger fish, reef sharks, eagle rays and occasionally manta rays.

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