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3 Bodu Hoholha

Depth: 3m to 30+m
Location: Outer Atoll - Southeast of Kaohera Maahera
Transfer Time:  approx. 45 min’s

Wall Dive. The dive site is situated near to a man made channel which is used for local fishing boats so look and listen for boat traffic when ascending. Diving Left shoulder you will be heading North-West towards Demon Point; right shoulder you will be heading South-East towards the channel. The top of Bodu Hoholha’s reef is about 5 to 8 metres, and then drops almost vertically to well beyond 30 metres. Along most of the wall there are beautiful purple gorgonians. Between 25 and 30+ metres there are overhangs which form “steps” in the reef and caves, some of which are large enough and safe to enter. Bring a torch to illuminate spots in the cave. Look out for banded shrimp and eels in the smaller holes. The deep water off to the side of the reef offers opportunities to see bigger pelagic fish. An abundance of fish to be found at 10m and above and the corals are plentiful so it is a good dive at all depths. When in the caves watch your depth, air and no decompression time.

Features: Gorgonian fans, caverns, overhangs, sea pearls.
Marine Life:

Lionfish, nudi branches, anemones, eels, Sharks, barracuda, tuna and eagle rays.

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