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4 Kuda Hoholha

Depth: 5m to 30+m
Location: Outer reef atoll, South-East of Bodho Hoholha.
Transfer Time:  approx. 45 min’s

Kuda Hoholha is a dive along a steep drop off. Heading South-East (right shoulder), the dive site follows on after the channel from Bodho Hoholha and is very similar. The edge of the top of the reef, which is covered with table corals, is around 6 metres and drops almost vertically to well beyond 30 metres. At the channel it is mainly rubble and sand but beyond that the wall is covered in purple gorgonians. Between 20 and 25 metres there are some small caverns and overhangs. There are bigger caverns starting at around 28 metres, but they are too big and too deep to explore. Further along large blocks protrude from the reef slope and there are also large gorgonians at around 25m - 30 metres. Towards the South end of the site, the reef is more of a slope than a sheer wall, although still quite steep, and is covered with dense coral formations and a huge variety and amount of reef fish from about 15 metres up to 3 metres. In some places there some deep indents, or valleys, running and vertically from 10 metres to around 30 metres.

Features: Wall, caverns and overhangs, gorgonians, table coral, leather corals.
Marine Life:

Tuna, turtles, jack fish, grouper, snapper, butterfly fish, Napoleon wrasse, lobster, moray eels and reef sharks.

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