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9 Mahaala

Depth: 5m to 30m
Location: Inner Atoll reef - end of Kuda Kandu Channel.
Transfer Time:  approx. 1 hr 10 min’s

Maahala is on the end of Kuda Kan’du Channel, behind Fihali Fara. It does not cover a large area, so ideally should be dived when there is very little or no current. Along the channel part of the reef there are large coral blocks which protrude from the channel wall. Much of the wall is covered by spongy green finger like plants and fan corals. Between 2 metres and 10 metres the coral is very dense and typical of the Addu Atoll reefs with masses of table corals and a lot of schooling reef fish. The best part is the corner where the coral formations are at their densest. Watch out for surge and surf at the top of the reef, particularly in the shallower areas.

Features: Table corals, coral blocks, anemones.
Marine Life:

Rays, jacks, grouper, reef sharks, eels, napoleon wrasse, turtles, lobster, feather stars

Aquaventure - Maldives

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