(Basic) Advanced Scuba Diver

book-aowdOpen Water Scuba Divers (or equivalent) can expand their diving possibilities with the Basic Advanced Scuba Diver or Advanced Scuba Diver course. Training is aimed toward diving at sites that offer no physical depth limitation. The slogan “go vertical” expresses the goal of the course. A complete mastery of free descends and ascends is a key aspect of training. As a less formal (but very important) aspect, the course also aims at increasing the diver’s interaction with the diving environment – a higher sphere of awareness. Both the Basic Advanced Scuba Diver and the Advanced Scuba Diver certification signify a person with excellent buoyancy control, exemplary general diving skills and a high level of knowledge of all aspects of diving at greater depth.

Training consists of one pool session and five dives in open water. Academic training is divided in three subjects that can either be combined to a single unit, or treated separately. The first dive in open water (and most of the pool session) addresses buoyancy skills. The next two dives address site navigation and deep diving skills (at no deeper than 20 metres) respectively. The minimum age for participation in this first part of the programme is 12. For 12, 13 and 14 year old participants, restrictions apply (see general standards). If all theory, the pool diver and the first three dives in open water are completed, the participant can be certified as Basic Advanced Scuba Diver.

The last two open water dives of the programme are dives at a depth between 20 and 30 metres. The minimum age for participation is 15. If these last two dives are completed as part of the programme, the diver can be certified as Advanced Scuba Diver. Those who are certified as Basic Advanced Scuba Diver can participate in an upgrade programme to become Advanced Scuba Divers.

The Basic course can be completed in 16 contact hours (2 days). Add 8 hours (1 day) if the last two dives are made to achieve full advanced certification. For an upgrade, calculate 12 hours. The programme can be combined with various initiations. Scuba Instructors and instructors of higher rating can organize and conduct these programs. Scuba Safety & First Aid is the connecting certification.

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