Master Scuba Diver

scuba-masterMaster Scuba Diver is the highest non-professional diver level. It denotes a diver with broad and in-depth training in recreational diving. The course is positioned at the end of the diver path and thus there where many will choose to continue in the direction of becoming a scuba professional. Divers preferring to become Master Scuba Diver are those who want to learn as much as they can about diving, but who do not want to take responsibility for the dives of others. They dive for themselves and enjoy it. Nonetheless – their wish to become expert divers overlaps in part with the training required for those who want to become dive professionals (covered in the authorized individuals section of this Standards & Procedures manual). This overlap is illustrated in the below chart.

Master Scuba Diver students thus participate in the parts of the training for Scuba Guides and Assistant Scuba Instructors that are meant for personal knowledge and skill development. They are not required to participate in training segments that are meant to provide services to other divers (such as guiding dives or compressor operation and maintenance).

The minimum age for the different segments varies. Master Scuba Diver certification is not possible before the age of 15. Master Scuba Diver is the highest diver level certification. People who hold this rating cannot go higher, but may continue to learn by participation in special programs and seminars.

Abstract Theory Module

  • The programme consists of three theory subjects: physics, physiology and decompression theory.

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