Scuba Diver

book-scubadiverThe Scuba Diver course is the entry level course for divers. It leads to a certification. This credential limits diving activities to guided dives (Scuba Guide or higher) to a maximum depth of 12 metres. The training reflects these limitations. People who participate in guided dives do not need the theoretical basis that is required of autonomous divers, because they have only very limited responsibilities in dive planning. The Scuba Diver certification can be seen as a permanent permission to participate in the same guided dives in open water as those conducted for Try Scuba Diving.

The minimum age is 10. For divers from 10 to 15, restrictions apply (general standards). The connecting program is the Open Water Scuba Diver. A Scuba Diver course has a theory segment that is divided in three chapters, three pool sessions and two open water dives.

Scuba Instructors and instructors of higher rating can organize and conduct these programs. In some circumstances, this course could be completed in 15 contact hours (2 days), but three days is more reasonable.

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