Scuba Guide

scuba-masterScuba Guide is the first professional level. The Scuba Guide certification denotes a diver who is trained to lead diving activities in various fields, either as a leisure activity for friends or family, or in a commercial setting. The level of knowledge and skills a diver has acquired during both the prerequisite training and the training that is part of the Scuba Guide course allow divers at this level to get maximum enjoyment out of diving. It also (if wished) offers the entrance to the field of offering paid services for recreational divers.


  • 18 years of age or older at the beginning of training.
  • Hold a full line of certifications from beginner through Advanced Scuba Diver and Scuba Safety & First Aid or an equivalent certification in diver rescue. A diver rescue certification must be recent. If the certification is older than 24 months, the S.C.U.B.A. Safety & First Aid update must be done before the start of the course.
  • Hold a certification in Equipment, Compressor, Nitrox, Navigation, Deep diver, Naturalist and Oxygen First Aid. Local special activities (such as altitude, dry suit or wreck diving) are not required, but strongly recommended. If certifications from other organisations are accepted, they must be of equivalent content and level.
  • A recent (not older than 12 months) medical signed by a medical doctor stating that the candidate is fit for diving. If local directives with respect to diving medicals for divers and dive professionals exist, the medical must be in accordance with those directives. The medical doctor may not be the candidate.
  • Have an experience of at least 60 dives, documented in the personal log book of the candidate.
  • Hold a recent (not older than 24 months) certification in First Aid and CPR. This may be a current Scuba Safety & First aid certification, or a First Aid and CPR organization from another recognized organization.

Guiding Divers Module

  • Guiding Dives module is not a “course” in the sense that it leads to a certification. It is one of several programmes that must be completed in order to be certified as Scuba Guide. A list of these programmes is provided in the personal Scuba-Logbook pages from the candidate. The same list is also available in the Scuba Instructor Manual. This programme has a theory segment which is split in three modules. The practical part of training is done in an open water setting. In a total of no less than four dives, the candidates learn how to offer diving opportunities for certified divers while giving equal attention to comfort, enjoyment and safety.


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