Scuba Safety & First Aid

book-ssfaScuba Safety & First Aid is a combined rescue, first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation course. Basic Advanced Scuba Divers and Advanced Scuba Divers (and divers with an equivalent certification) can participate. The course is aimed at preventing accidents by increasing the awareness of the actions of other divers and to act in case a problem arises. A total of 5 dives in open water is the minimum to fulfil the performance requirements for the practical skills. The last dive in open water consists of scenario’s in which the skills that were learned in the previous sessions are needed to master the challenge. Skills may be practiced in a pool before participation in the open water sessions. The theory consists of four individual sections.

The formal minimum age is 12, but both the theoretical and practical challenges require instructors to estimate the potential for each individual child to finish the course with certification. Restrictions apply for participants of 12, 13 and 14 years of age (see general standards). The course is not intended in itself to expand the diving options of the participants. Training is to be seen to support safer and more enjoyable dives within the same parameters that are given for Basic Advanced Scuba Diver or Advanced Scuba Divers. Scuba Safety & First Aid is an important preparatory step toward both Master Scuba Diver and Scuba Guide.

The course can be completed in 24 contact hours (3 days). If logistics are not perfect, a 4 day schedule is more reasonable. A combination with initiations is not likely to make sense because of the number of skill taking place on land and at the surface. Scuba Instructors and instructors of higher rating can organize and conduct these programs.

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