Try Scuba Diving

book-tsdTry Scuba Diving combines a preparatory session in a pool (or pool like conditions) with an open water dive. In a pool some basic skills have to be mastered (mask and regulator clearing, equalizing, hand signals and accepting and breathing from an alternate air source). Participation in an open water dive to a maximum depth of 12 metres is then an option. The minimum age is 10. If young participants are part of the group, instructors must reduce group size (general standards) and are advised to limit depth. All participants have a connecting program available (Scuba Diver), but could also be allowed to participate in subsequent dives. It is an allowed option to conduct this program with participation in the first pool session and the first open water dive of the scuba diver program. This is done by using the Methods & Materials manual for Scuba Diver, rather than the one for introduction programs.

Additional dives fall under the responsibility of a scuba instructor or instructor with higher qualification, but when the instructor is convinced that participants have developed a level of comfort that requires only limited interventions during a dive, indirect control becomes an option for further dives (Scuba Guide or Assistant Scuba Instructor). A delay of more than 7 days between dives requires repeating the entire program including pool session.

Scuba instructors and instructors of higher rating can organize and conduct these programs. Typically Try Scuba Diving Sessions take half a day. There is no certification, but a certificate of participation may be issued.

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